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Since 1981, Inford has prided itself on producing practical casters to American, European, and Japanese standards. Our casters are widely used for heavy-duty and light-duty applications in the medical, furniture , and other industries. We provide you with first-class quality at affordable prices.


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Inford, Your Trusted Caster Manufacturer In China

Inford is a professional manufacturer and supplier of casters in China. We currently have two brands, Inford and BBT. Our casters adopt excellent design and craftsmanship yet are affordable.

Always Ready To Fulfill Your Demands

Versatile Solutions

From strong load-bearing capacity to noise reduction and floor protection, our casters can deliver diversified performance, which guarantees good market adaptation and sustainable development for your business.

Medical Solution

Medical Solution

Innovated structure and braking using patented processes.

Industrial Solution

Industrial Solution

Safe directional brakes for various industrial applications.

Furniture Solution

Furniture Solution

Elegant and fashionable design to fit with all decorating styles.

Apparatus Solution

Apparatus Solution

Agility due to the use of various high-tech wheel materials.

Heavy-duty Solution

Heavy-duty Solution

Endurance extended with semi-automated equipment.

We Manufacture As Experts Do

Outside View of Inford factory

Competence & Creativity In One

Inford has two highly automated factories with standard production processes in place to produce casters of consistent quality.

Our engineers are constantly innovating the injection molding process, providing casters that impeccably blend current trends and practicality.

Move Forward. Move Faster. Move Firmly.

How Inford Casters Boost Your Business

Total Agility

Lightweight wheel materials with special ball bearings reduce the total weight of our casters and allow for nimble steering, making our casters highly adaptable to various conditions and applications.

Lasting Stability

The tough wheel tread can withstand drastic temperature changes, which allows for your business to expand into various regional markets and to provide casters for different applications.

Extended Durability

Our casters are resistant to abrasion, water, and erosion, bringing you solutions that are stable for long-term use and relieving you of the worry of product quality.

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