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There are over 60 Inford product families catering to many applications, such as shopping carts, logistics trucks, and commercial equipment. Our solutions are invariably made of affordable quality materials and accessories, contributing toward budget savings and long-term growth.


Our 24-hour dedicated service will solve your product queries promptly and bring you a pleasant partnership experience. You can also get a free expert consultation that will help you add professionalism to your brand.

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Applicable Casters

Personalized Solutions, Broad Benefits

Whether you need casters for commercial cleaning machines, lightweight shopping carts, or any other type of furniture and equipment, we will be happy to provide you with professional advice on choosing the most suitable caster solution or service from our wide portfolio.


Furniture Solution

Medical Solution

Heavy-duty Solution

Industrial Solution

Designed And Manufactured For Real Institutional Needs

Convenience Of Operation


For lightweight shopping carts, we provide you with removable casters that greatly improve the lifespan of the shopping cart and bring you longer-term benefits.

Service Life Extension

Abrasion Resistant

We use polymer polyurethane as the tire material, which has excellent durability against wear and tear, and thus makes it possible for the caster wheels to keep moving smoothly in any environment even after months and years of use.

Strong & Sturdy

Steel Wheel Core

Our steel-core casters feature great sturdiness and strength. They offer numerous benefits in terms of mobility, reliability, affordability, and other aspects, and are suitable for various applications in various commercial fields

Versatile Applications

Floor Protection

For workshops and other manufacturing areas where high environmental standards are required, Inford delivers exclusive anti-static casters that significantly protect the floor and can be easily adapted to other equipment.

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