Heavy-duty Solution

We Produce Hardcore Casters For You

Inford has swivel casters, rigid casters, and double-braked swivel casters for heavy-duty applications. Excellent load-bearing performance and a safe braking mechanism are the key caster features that will make your brand stand out. Our efficient, well-established production process guarantees advantageous caster solutions at a low cost.

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Applicable Casters

Multifunctional Caster Solutions For Your Satisfaction

Agility in all directions is key when choosing heavy-duty casters. Our robust manufacture can deliver durable casters with practical and enhanced load-bearing ability.


Furniture Solution

Medical Solution

Institutional Solution

Industrial Solution

Designed And Manufactured For Real Heavy-duty Needs

Long-lasting Stability

Extra Load Capacity

With a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg, our casters are more than reliable. The dual-wheel mechanism lends an additional layer of security, which ultimately reduces your after-sales worries.

Unfailingly Effective

Extra Reinforced Structure

In order to deal with extra weight, our double ball bearings are designed with the ability to remain agile under heavy load. This makes our caster solution more cost effective.

Flexible Swerve

Extra Movement Reliability

Even under excessive weight, nylon tires remain easy to roll without leaving wheel marks. This is an ideal solution for the mobility of various types of heavy equipment. With such a reliable caster solution, you have a chance to further expand your market share.

Sustainability Of Adaptation

Extra Temperature Tolerance

Our heavy-duty caster solution is robust enough to withstand temperatures as high as 230°C and as low as -50°C, far exceeding similar products in terms of environmental endurance.

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