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Streamline Hospital Operations With Inford Medical Caster Solutions

Inford makes every effort to ensure that our medical-grade casters and wheels aid in saving time and labor. That’s why we specifically developed a twin-wheel caster with center or wire controls for braking, fully improving safety and efficiency. Additionally, our medical casters offer the benefits of anti-corrosion and low resistance, allowing for fewer repairs and high profitability.


Our medical caster solutions cover most hospital furniture and equipment segments, including beds, MRI equipment, and surgical equipment, to name a few.

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Applicable Casters

Reliable & Long-Lasting Caster Solutions

Our casters are widely recognized for exceptional quality, affordability, practicality, and simplicity. With our extensive range of products and diverse array of innovative caster wheel solutions, we actively contribute towards achieving higher levels of operational efficiency, promoting sustainable practices, and ultimately, generating significantly larger profits for our customers.

Furniture Solution

Heavy-duty Solution

Institutional Solution

Industrial Solution

Designed And Manufactured For Medical & Healthcare Needs

Quality Materials

Noise Reduction

High-quality rubber wheels guarantee minimal noise when our casters move across any type of flooring. This practical feature makes them suitable for various medical scenarios where silence is essential.

Addressing Unique Needs

Tailored Application

Our specially engineered all-plastic twin-wheeled caster solution is specifically designed for MRI rooms. Durable Deling bearings that effectively meet practical needs while enhancing overall efficiency during use.

Static & Safe

Ensuring Stability

When it comes to hospital beds, Inford casters not only meet the essential stability requirements but also provide seamless and effortless movement, offering multiple braking options for added convenience.

Optimal Efficiency

Speedy Movement

Recognizing the urgency in hospital settings, our medical caster solution incorporates a 100% original wheel structure, utilizing a lightweight synthetic rubber that significantly boosts rolling speed.

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