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If you’re looking for an opportunity to level up your business, Inford stands ready to help you. Partnering with Inford is as easy as a breeze—we support you with solid help and professional advice on sales and marketing.

Basic Assistance

We are a manufacturer with integrity and with guaranteed policy stability, which helps minimize fluctuations.

Risk Assistance

While cooperating with our customers and partners, we are proactive in reducing risks and minimizing potential losses.

Growth Assistance

We provide assistance and support to our customers in growing profits and benefiting quickly.

Executive Assistance

We provide business management skills to help you consistently elevate your interests and reduce labor costs.

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We Value Your Work As Much As You Do

Caster distribution via trucks

Products Distribution

Benefit from our experience in the warehousing industry and from our access to quality resources to cope with warehousing of products.

We have substantial capital reserves and are able to maintain a good flow of funds in our cooperation relationships.

We are skilled at developing different sales strategies according to different markets to obtain more diversified sales channels.

Market Expansion

Good at developing regional market and maintaining a good relationship with our customers.

Work with us to execute effective marketing strategies and build stable supply chains and reliable sales channels.

Global marketing

Your Seasoned Partner
In The Caster industry

Overseas Distributors
Domestic Distributors

Benefit More From Our Impressive Capabilities

We continue to analyze and make updates and iterations of our products based on market trends. Backed by advanced equipment and skilled engineers, we continue to explore the potential of casters to provide optimal solutions.

Abundant Supply

Over 50 product series in stock.

Superior Components

All metal and plastic components undergo rigorous testing.

International Standard

EN, RoHS and other international safety certifications.

Extensive Support

Free expert advice on mobility performance and custom designs.

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