Industrial Solution

Durable Casters: Supporting Your Industrial Equipment

Inford industrial casters are primarily used in light equipment, cleaning machines, and trollies that are less demanding on weight bearing. We provide you with cost-effective industrial solutions for your factory, construction site, and warehouse. 

Our industrial casters come in different sizes and materials, and we also offer customization options to meet your practical requirements.

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Applicable Casters

Wide Range Of Solutions

Inford offers a diverse scope of caster solutions that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of various industries. Our team carefully studies the characteristics and mobility needs of each industry to provide the most appropriate caster size, structure, and material. Regardless of mobility requirements and equipment, we have the best caster solution for you.

Furniture Solution

Medical Solution

Institutional Solution

Heavy-duty Solution

Designed And Manufactured For Real Industrial Needs

Steadiness Assurance

Directional Locking Device

Our industrial casters prevent uncontrollable rotation and spinning, which improves safety, helps you earn the trust of your users, and alleviates any concerns about after-sales issues.

Packing Efficiency Improvement

Less Space Occupation

The small caster wheel diameter of 25mm, is convenient for fast packing and shipping, and the lightweight and compact size allows the wheels to run smoothly and swiftly on any surface.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Impact Resistant

Each Inford caster is engineered with great attention to detail, surpassing the highest industry standards. They undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure their ability to withstand strong impacts. 

Safety As Priority

Total Brake

The braking mechanism developed by our engineers can effectively brake the wheel and the direction of rotation, ensuring double safety assurance and providing reliable mobile safety.

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