Quality Assurance

Independent quality inspection room

The quality of your casters is fully guaranteed from the moment you place the order. Each product undergoes a closed-loop inspection before it is shipped. Multiple departments, including the technical department, the production department, and the quality center, work together to ensure the quality of our products.


Certified Management
Quality Approval Rate
Finished product inspection

We Conduct Thorough Inspections From Start To Finish

Standard Procedures

Inspection of Incoming Materials

Raw materials are procured through a strict process and tested for quality, compatibility, and longevity with the purpose of ensuring smooth production and high quality of casters. All the raw materials needed for production are stored in an efficiently managed warehouse.

Quality inspection of iron sheet and coil material
Coiled Iron Inspection
Few workers are screening the materials
Plastic Inspection

Process Inspection

The injection molding process and the stamping and welding procedures are of great importance when it comes to the production of quality casters. For this reason, these procedures must pass severe testing. Each process is inspected by a special technician who records all the parameters in order to ensure the stability and sturdiness of the casters.

Stamping process inspection
Injection Molding Inspection
Stamping process inspection
Stamping Inspection

Semi-finished Inspection

Technicians will carry out inspection at the semi-finished product stage, mainly to check the riveting of casters and shelves. This  is necessary to ensure that the casters are well matched before entering the assembly process.

Riveting process inspection
Riveting Inspection

Finished Inspection

Finally, the overall quality of the finished casters will be fully examined and controlled. Various properties such as wear resistance, waterproof properties, and impact resistance, as well as other aspects, need to be verified before the final products can be shipped in boxes.

Final Inspection
Worker is measuring the caster shell
Assembly Process

Our Commitment To Safety Surpasses Your Expectations

In addition to the regular tests, Inford conducts many caster performance and endurance tests in order to meet the safety standards of different markets. Our goal is to produce top quality products that give you peace of mind.

Speed Test

Speed Test

The movement speed of casters of different diameters is tested according to the standards of Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Walking Test

Walking Test

Measures the speed, integrity, and rotational performance of casters under maximum load.

Rotary Test

Rotary Test

The mass of the single wheel at the maximum load was tested by gradually adding the code through the pulley when it returned to the one-half weight.

Rotation Test

Rotation Test

This test is used to adjust and verify the ability of casters and wheels to rotate under the maximum load.
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