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Stylish & Functionality: Inford Furniture Caster Solution

Blending elegance and practicality, our furniture casters are ideal for residential and office use. These lightweight casters exhibit great agility on any floor while leaving no trails behind. The advanced mold that we use to produce these casters provides a sturdy structure that can withstand significant impact, which ultimately results in lower maintenance costs for you.


For all your bulk orders, Inford will provide long-lasting support, offering a diverse range of furniture caster solutions for a broader audience.

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Applicable Casters

Diverse Variety of Practical Options

For the past four decades, Inford has been dedicated to achieving your desired furniture mobility.


Our experienced engineers have been deeply involved in the caster industry, striving to design and manufacture the perfect casters for every specific application, all at a reasonable and affordable cost.


Heavy-duty Solution

Medical Solution

Institutional Solution

Industrial Solution

Designed And Manufactured For Every Furniture Need


Hazard-free Materials

At Inford, we exclusively use non-hazardous materials, adhering to the RoHS directive and the EN regulation set by the European Union. This ensures our casters are eco-friendly and meet the highest safety standards.

Broad Customer Base

Easy Assembly

Inford furniture casters prioritize the principle of simplicity – easy to install and dismantle, providing you with dependable solutions that enhance furniture mobility and facilitate effective marketing strategies.

Fulfilling Market Demand

Ergonomic Design

We continue to make innovations in the structure and design of our casters to cater to the unique needs of diverse user groups. This allows us to broaden the accessibility of our casters to reach a wider audience.

Exclusive Brand Imaging

Customizable Appearance

Inford offers exquisite customization options for the appearance of casters, including wheel size, color, surface treatment, etc. So you can create personalized solutions that align with current market trends, ensuring a unique and appealing brand image.

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